Walsh Gallery

Sang-Mi Yoo: Contradictions


Dates: Dec 13 2001 - Feb 8 2002

What do plastic pigs, black banners showing human organs, and topographic maps of Bodhisattvas have in common? Quite a lot if they are part of a multi-media installation by newcomer Sang-Mi Yoo. Ms. Yoo, a recent MFA graduate from Ohio State University, makes her art world debut with "Contradictions", a solo show at Walsh Gallery opening January 11th.

Obsession fascinates Ms. Yoo. She believes that a variety of basically geographic factors like population, industry, and location, fuel and direct our desires. Furthermore, Ms. Yoo investigates the contradictions between who we are and who we are told we should be. Her medium of choice uses mixed media prints and video projection on a number of surfaces such as fabric, paper, and wood.

"Contradictions" features a series of different installations as well as mixed media prints. In the main gallery, Ms. Yoo hangs a series of black fabric banners with printed red circles surrounding human organs. Adjacent to these flags, two giant prints of topographic lines culminate in the silhouettes of two Bodhisattvas (or enlightened beings). The silhouettes are actually models in popular magazines. Both of the Bodhisattvas are intermittently covered by a video projection of flowing water. The Bodhisattvas represent who we want to be.

" Environment", the second installation features light boxes of different sizes and shapes with silhouettes of people. Ms. Yoo randomly chose these people off the street to photograph for her piece.

A collection of mixed media prints showing images from what Ms. Yoo calls "our post - capitalistic society" appears in the project room. The images range from pigs to people receiving acupuncture. In another room plastic pigs hang from the ceiling suspended in plastic bubbles.

When asked, Julie Walsh, director of Walsh Gallery said, "I am thrilled to be showing Ms. Yoo's installation; I have rarely seen an artist so young with such a mature vision and sense of humor".